Welcome to Soul Journeys

"Open your heart to the moment. 
Letting go in each breath of who you think you are. 
Be still - for the love you seek is inside you - In each breath fill your heart for it is the vessel of divine light and wisdom" - Sue Asha

Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are all seeking truth. A greater truth to who we are. This truth though cannot be found outside ourselves but deep within. i.e. the soul. When we awaken our soul energy then our world starts to change and open. It is then we are able to experience more. Our electromagnetic field i.e. the aura is made up of all our feelings and thoughts. When we worry we carry these around like baggage which is heavy in our aura. These thoughts have an electrical charge and go out into the universe where, they can actually be created into form and link up with a similar thought or vibration. Our minds are extremely powerful tools and if we focus on negative beliefs then we create a negative life.

Energy continually flows through us and it is our thoughts that need to change. We live in a culture of fear and this fear collects with other vibrations of fear causing mass stagnation in people's lives. However, unconditional love has the power not only to expand but to transcend time, space and consciousness. If we choose to change our behaviour consciously we change our experience. Changing our experience requires clear intentions for if we have conflicting intentions both dynamics will be set in motion opposing each other.

Your soul or Higher Self does not know fear only love. When we open our hearts we have the potential to change our own pain and suffering. Are you ready to make the change? Healing ourselves is a journey where we connect to that real part of ourselves - the soul.

Soul Journeys offer the following Courses and Workshops:

  • Energy Pathways
  • Relationships
  • Venus - Opening the Spiritual Heart
  • Creative Workshops 
  •  WOMB WORK www.thegoldenwomb.co.uk
  • Workshops are continually changing to embrace the light and change in consciousness that is taking place now on planet earth.

Private consultations are also available.